Looking into an a5 - need help on engine differences


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Hi guys - looking into getting an Audi A5 - with a budget of about 11.5k my requirements are under 100k miles, manual, 2.0tfsi - I'd like the 208 Quattro but will struggle to find one in my budget.

My main question is what are the differences between the 177 and 208bhp engines? Are the injectors and turbos the same? Would they both remap to the same power?

Also what's the latest on the oil burning issue on these? Have Audi admitted there's an issue and fixing them?

Any tips of what else to look out for would be great.



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Hi, Can't answer all your questions but I can try and give you some help as I have gone through all this when trying purchasing my A5.

I currently have an a5 2.0t, it is the 211bhp engine (208 that you mentioned). I also had a chance to test drive the 2.0 diesel 170bhp and the 2.0 petrol 180bhp (177 you mentioned).

none of these were quattro btw. My experience from these were positive, all engines were smooth. The 180bhp i only test drove a bit and seemed pokey, the 2 litre diesel was pokey also but seemed to run out of puff fairly quickly as soon as you start climbing the rev range. the 2.0t 211 is the best imo, has as much torque as the diesel and the pulling power right to the top of the rev range. I'd go for that if you're not too concerned about mpg and want more performance. also I've looked into remaps, some tuners can tune the 211 higher than the 180, but then some tuners give exact same figures after tuning. My understanding is that they both use the same parts, turbos etc but I didn't want to risk is so I went for the slightly more powerful engine.

As for the fuel consumption, audi UK have not come forward and admitted that this is a known issue but Audi US have. Unfortunately this means that yes, the B8 models, especially the petrols have this issue and you need to be careful when buying.

Luckily the one I bought was on finance from the previous owner. He had the oil consumption issue but he got it repaired under warranty, I made sure i got a copy of all these paperwork to ensure that is the case. Done 3k+ miles so far, no oil consumption issue at all. Having said that though, the tail pipes get black very quickly so it is definitely burning oil but not enough to call it an issue or even notice on the AMI system.

Hope that helps slightly.