Looking into a 1.8tfsi 160bhp - do they remap well?


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Hi guys - looking to get a b8 and would prefer the 2.0tfsi but my budget is £9.5k so they are out of my price range so looking at the 1.8tfsi 160bhp instead.

I've looked into it and it looks like they can map to around 210 bhp and 230lbs of torque... My question is how does this transfer to real world figures? For example the 2.0tfsi has 208bhp and 258lbs of torque and the 0-60 is 6.7 seconds compared to 8.6 for the 1.8 so... Since a mapped 1.8 has similar power figures to the 2.0 would the 0-60 be the same or is it not that simple?



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A B8 may be OK but I had a lot of trouble getting my B8.5 1.8TFSi mapped. Most cannot get into it and those that managed it struggled with the boost control, hence I sold it and got an S4 ;)