Looking for radio / head unit gurus

Bruce Rutherford

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Hi all,

I got this android unit off a friend (unsure of make / model, possibly xtrons?


I’ve test fitted, and few problems.

Radio works okay, but absolutely nothing for DAB even with the antenna connected in the photo (someone advised it looks more like a gps antenna than DAB)

Radio only shows frequency on the list rather than station names - does show the station name in tiny letters at the top, seems a bit weird.

Also wondering if it’s possibly to update to a newer android version, and if so - how?

This is the back of the unit if it helps.



Could anyone tell me how to get it running all properly, or what I need to buy to do so?


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Is it for an Audi A3? If so ask your mate for the conversion loom.


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Sell on & buy updated unit, these manufacturers for a android units are useless updating to latest release.