Q3 Looking for official advice on Q3 Quattro timing belt replacement frequency


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I'm just about to buy a used 2013 Q5 2.0 Diesel Quattro S-Line with 52K miles and I asked the salesperson if the timing belt was in need of replacing any time soon.

He told me that it didn't need to be replaced until 150K.

This seems very high; is he correct?


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Lovely though this forum is - for Q3 questions you'd be better off asking here: https://www.q3ownersclub.co.uk/forums/

And to your question - the answer was the 1st one that came into the salesman's head - he'd have also not told you that normally the tensioner and water pump are replaced at the same time. Avoid that dealer.


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Thanks cosmicblue, I wonder if you or someone else might be able to give me an appropriate estimate of the cost involved here please?


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The handbook will quote the Audi recommendation. You have a similar generation and engine car to mine and so I would guess that the handbook might well quote something over 100,000 miles. However, Audi UK dealerships introduced an overriding 5-year condition sometime between 2010-2015 which recommended the change should be conducted upon the first to occur of the mileage in the handbook or the 5-year period. Many previous discussions on this forum have shown that in other countries across the World, this 5-year condition has not been added. As you say, I find waiting for 100,000 miles uncomfortable. Audi do fixed price servicing for non-brand new cars and the belt & waterpump costs around £700 (for my car) with quality OE parts and a 2-year guarantee.


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Just got an official email reply from Audi saying -
Dear Stephen

Thank you for your email. I can confirm the reccomended intervals for the timing belt to be changed, is every 5 years or 140’000 miles whichever comes first for the above vehicle. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details below

Kind regards
Customer Relations Advisor

Audi UK

Tel 0800 699 888
Email customer.services@audi.co.uk