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Looking for diy tensioner replacement 3.0tdi audi c7 4g

Arjen599 Jul 22, 2020

  1. Arjen599

    Arjen599 Registered User


    My 2014 3.0 tdi has a rattle on startup (cold). For earlier models there is a thread “phew, thats a relief” on how to fix this issue, but I can’t seem to find any info on the CDUD engine (other tensioners I guess)
    Does anyone have more info if this is fixable in the same manner as the previous engine model?

    I appreciate any info, do-able or not, diy or not, etc... Can’t find any info where one can fix it without removing engine/transmission.

    thank you.
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  3. JSR913

    JSR913 Registered User

    my 2018 allroad 272 has the same issue and is going in to Audi to be fixed under warranty. they say the cost of the item is minimal but is engine & transmission out and will take them a week! they said it is a well known issue and have done them frequently.

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