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Jan 5, 2010
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Fingers crossed and my S5 will be sold in the morning.

Looking for an S3 as a more sensible car (but not too sensible), as we've got baby #2 due in 4-5wks.

Was looking at an S3 sportback to make things easier on the occasion I need to put either/both kids in the back (have an S4 Avant which does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the family stuff). Anyone run a 3 door and frequently get children in and out? Too much hassle, should I stick with looking for a sportback?

Other option is the gearbox. Our S4 is an S-Tronic, but the newer 7sp, its very impressive. Not sure how the 6sp DSG version compares?

Will be getting a stage 1/2 with a turbo back if I can pick one up 2nd hand for £500 ish. Not sure if the manual or s-Tronic handles the increased torque best??
I have a 3 Door S3 and manage fine with lifting car seats in and out of the car, some people don't but it i will admit its an art with the first size car seats. I did think a sport back may have been best, but its so much safer now with no risk of doors/windows being fiddled with.

Normally Dsg copes a little better with mapped cars, but clutches can start to slip at any stage. I'm at stage 1 without any slip yet tho :)
There's a lovely silver S3 Sportback S-Tronic on Autotrader for about £18.5k.
Just put down a deposit on a black sportback S-Tronic from fontain.

Needs a service, rear bumper spray and full inspection so will pick up next week.
S-tronic handles up to stage 2+, anything past stage 1 on a manual will eventually need a clutch upgrade, so you've made the right choice there. And if you're planning on putting kids in and out of the back, rears doors are always the better bet too.

Get pics up when it arrives!
Will see about the 2+, wasted far too much cash on modified VAGs in the past!

Fontain are putting REVO stage 1 on 'for free' (part of the overall deal I negotiated as I'm paying sticker price!), assume if I go full milltek that its a reduced price to go from 1 to 2?

Just missed out on a full milltek from the classifieds for £500 :( Will keep my eyes open, but may just get a cat-back and keep stage 1
If I can pick up a full turbo back then ill need stage 2 from what I've read to stop error codes?

Just don't fancy paying £1k+ for yet another milltek!
Ill let you into a secret my old S3 will be up for sale in slough Audi soon it's waiting for my number plate to come off another 2 weeks and it should be ready to go. It had new tyres about 4k ago had the big 40k service done and its in white with buckets, manual and its a 09 plate. Done about 41k if memory serves me right and has a milltek back box on it which I don't think the dealer knows about just thought I'd let you know.
Was looking at the REVO website. Stage 2 doesn't offer much over stage 1 (actually lower power low-mid range, just looks like it holds boost longer).

Was wondering of the gains were really more from the required CAI and TBE rather than the map? With the stage 2 map required to prevent the cat errors? Could you get the same power with a stage 1 and all the same hardware if you tweaked it with an SPS? (Assuming you could live with the error codes?)

Was thinking about stage 1 with a CAI and a cat back initially. Then decide down the road to go to 2+ or not.

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