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Jan 2, 2003
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Nuneaton, UK
I've decided to sell my beloved RS6 and buy something slightly more affordable (for me). I've been taring my hair out trying to think of what to replace the RS6 with...I've considered M5's, M3's, TT's etc. etc. but nothing has really grabbed me.
I want something that will be fun to drive but practical and won't depreciate like there's no tomorrow. I think I've decided to look for a nice low mileage, well spec'd. RS4. There are a number of cars for sale in the Audi dealer network, is there anywhere else I should be looking or does anyone here have a nice example for sale...at the right price ?
I love my RS6 but I haven't driven an RS4 yet, but I'm taking one out for a test drive tomorrow, which should hopefully confirm one way or the other whether I want one or not.
Any "must know" tips for me ?
Fontain Audi who come highly recommended had a gorgeous goodwood green model in, obviously you can also use the online locator at audi UK

Fontain Audi

Also run a search on autotrader and you can select just to look for cars by spec, age, mileage, trade or private etc. etc.

Happy hunting
sorry....just checked the Fontain website and the RS4 as gone ...pics are still there though lovely car..keep checking they get them in quite often
I wouldnt touch one from a dealer personally, guaranteed to be £3k more that it should, unless of course it was one of the specialists, Nick Johnston (think that is the one) does a lot of low mile RS4's, he had one with 32 ish k miles on it last month.

do some searching on RS246 and SRS forums, cars are so rare that if you do see one chances are someone will know it, have owned it or test driven it already.

from the sounds of things though I am not sure an RS4 will work out much cheaper than an RS6 though will it?

I did a bit of research into buying one just recently then I lost some business I had hoped would come through and had to "reassess" my future cash flow!

form what I gleaned the obvious things to make sure are sorted are:
cams (premature wear)
Turbos (as above)
Cam belt (recent replacement)
boost leaks
etc etc

get a decent healthcheck done my MRC, Unit 20 etc as a matter of course.
last post before jcb was 2003, i think this thread is dead
ha, didnt see that!
dont know why it was up on the side of the recent posts...
i would not buy anything from Fontain either! then or now!

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