Looking for Advice on A3 170 TDI Quattro S-Line


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Hi All,

I'm currently on the look out for an A3 2.0 TDI (170) Quattro S-Line. To keep it in budget I'm looking for a high mileage one. (around 80k mark).

Just looking for some advice on a few things:
  • Are there any expensive things that usually go wrong around this mileage / general things to look out for.
  • Is there any special maintenance due to the Quattro system (the old VX Calibra had a viscous coupling and you needed to keep the tyre treads within 1mm of each other).
  • Is there any difference in specification / improvements between newer and older models?
  • Anything else worth mentioning.
For example, I understand in 2007 the Gen4 Haldex system was released which is much better than the Gen2/3, but when (or if) did the A3 inherit it and how can you tell which the car has?



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i think the 2nd facelift cars MY09 onwards had the Gen4. the differences are different front ends, wing mirrors, rear bumper and rear lights as well as a few interior changes.

the car just needs the same tyres on all 4 wheels, treads don't matter.

make sure the haldex has been serviced

new vs. old well the A3 had continuous improvements throughout it's lifespan. later cars have better trip computers and nicer head units but that's about it. later cars also have AUX in which is useful. the latest cars MY11 onwards have a brand new sat nav which is much nicer than the old one. if you get a car with sat nav you just need to swap them over, and you should be able to shift your unit for £400ish so would only cost you £200-£300 to swap.


We have had 4 8P Audis
53 2.0 FSi 3dr
05 2.0TFSi Quattro Sport 200bhp 5dr
08 2.0Tdi 170 Quattro S-Line 5dr

+ current
2011 2.0Tdi 170 Quattro Black EditionS-Line 5dr Loaded with kit.

Only done 1750 miles in the new one but it is a lot better than the 08 version, quieter, more responsive, seems quicker, feels almost like the 05 petrol version it was so smooth and with SS getting over 45 mpg. The 08 gave circa 38mpg the 05 petrol upper 20's on a good day.

Not sure I agree with Sub. With Quattro tyres and treads do matter, minimum 5mm on remaining 2 if putting new tyres on front/rear.

The new Nav is p* poor. Very slow and the voice is dire... 'please prepare to arrive at a roundabout'.... WTF


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Sorry to hijack but its al rellavant, ive been looking at one if these to replace my 2001 s3 but after owning a 2005 golf 2.0 tdi 140 before the s3 im still having doubts as the turbos were very weak mine died after only 40k miles others were/have been reporting the same im just wondering if there were any revisions at some point as i dont fancy another 1500 quid bill, not wanting to put the OP off buying one as im still considering it i know the 170s have a bigger turbo so could be completely different.


We've done tens of thousands of miles in 2.0Tdi 170 Tdis and had no problems at all. The new CR motor is a peach.


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Thanks to all for the advice so far. I've found a potential contender, although it's a bit older than what I was originally considering. The spec is:

2007 A3 2.0 TDi 170 Quattro S-Line 5Dr.

It's done quite high mileage (90,000) but still looks in good condition and has full Audi service history. Any things to look out for?

Thanks in advance,


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how much? good spec?


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Around the £10,500 (trade seller) for the following spec. Seems pretty good from what I've seen so far, so there's a chance it's already been snapped up, but any opinions on price / or things to look out for should I take it for a test drive, etc.

5dr A3 Sportback
2007 (56 plate)
170 2.0 TDI
S-Line Trim
90,000 Miles
1 Owner / FSH


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The independent dealer that I bought my last two A3's from is currently selling a 3 door, A3 Tdi 170 s-line Quattro, 56 plate, half leathers, parking sensors, 73,000 miles, phantom black, BBS alloys.... £10,675

pi quattro

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Mate, had two tdi quattros recently, 140 and 170. Watch put for the part thats called the donut, this went on both of mine at around 50,000 miles. It's a big rubber part around where the prop joins the rear haldex coupling.

You'll know its gone or on it's way out when there is a drone from the rear at motorway speeds and vibration in 6th gear at around 40mph.

Also make sure the haldex has been serviced at 40,000 (not all non audi dealers realise it needs done)

Still a great car though!