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Looking for a decent Audi dealer in UK

Batmike Jan 6, 2020

  1. Batmike

    Batmike Registered User

    I have read most reviews I can find from a random selection of dealers including the one advertised here and reviewed and a lot of times you can still find a selection of horror stories.

    I know it will be difficult to find a decent dealer - or a perfect one at that.

    Can anyone recommend a good dealer where you purchased from new (ordered from catalog) and received great after sale service ?

    I don't mind where it is at this stage. I am in the South East so either way (North or South) wouldn't be too unreasonable ...

    My issue so far with dealers is that a LOT of sales people don't even know the features of a car. When I bought a new one years ago I trusted the guy knew what he was talking about and yet he was wrong (i.e. features a car had that it didn't - it was ambiguous in the catalog so I believed his 'yea I think so').

    So I went into several dealers and I started to walk when I get responses like 'I think so' or 'probably' .. When spending a house deposit on a car (looking at the S7 Vorsprung right now) you want a decent experience and no guess work ...
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  3. Audi Bairn

    Audi Bairn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter

    When you say, north or south, how far north or south?
    I can recommend an excellent salesman at Stirling Audi (part of the Lookers Group) if that suits?
    both me and the wife have been buying cars from there for the past 12 years (although I’m now about to jump ship, but totally nothing to do with the dealership or staff). Always had great service, aftercare and good deals).
  4. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Registered User

    I went to my local Audi dealer, which was Audi west London in Brentford, they were useless. I now use Audi Guildford,it’s en extra half hour away, only used the once so far, but service was much better. But I think it helps if you know someone working there. My mate works there.

    A7 3.0tdi 272 Black Edition Mythos Black Tech pack
  5. Rich76

    Rich76 Registered User

    Try Audi Boston speak to Carl lodge great guy
  6. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    It's a nice little dealership, kind of in the middle of nowhere so I think they have to work harder for a sale......I bought my SQ5 from him!
    He even delivered it up to me after I viewed it so they are used to working from distance.
  7. Batmike

    Batmike Registered User

    Don't mind either way - can always combine with a short holiday - Stirling would be fine. Thanks for the info.

    I keep hearing how the so called 'flagship' dealer is actually the worst. Already on my 'no' list. Thanks. Guildford I heard also good or bad. As you say - probably helps to know someone.

    Cool, thanks.
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  8. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Stafford Audi. Andy Poole is your man to ask for.
  9. MCarda

    MCarda Registered User

    Boston Audi always provided the most competitive quotes for on Carwow when I was shopping around for my C8, just thought I would chime in with that. So the price is right and others said service was up there too, so possibly worth considering.
  10. Batmike

    Batmike Registered User

    Just noticed its 90 minute drive .. awesome ..
  11. GSB

    GSB Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Slough. Home of ‘the office’, and frankly, a bit of a dump. But also home to Slough Audi.

    I bought a new S3 there in 2016. They made an error on the order form, so when the car turned up it had the wrong interior. It was to late to re-order as production had stopped for the facelift A3, so they registered the ‘wrong’ car and let me have it until another order could go in. I got a new facelift S3 with lots more toys, with an impressive discount, plus I had the original car for free for 5 months.

    If only Audi hadn’t put diesels in S4’s and S5’s I’d have merrily bought another car from Slough without hesitation.

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