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Looking for a 1.6

huwb Jan 8, 2010

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  1. huwb

    huwb Registered User

    hey guys am currently looking for an a3 possibly a 1.6 seen there seems to be 2 models the se and sport, all the examples in my price bracket say 2500 - 3000 seem to be high milers how do these engines cope with the miles??? which is the better of the model specs to look for??? is there much in the way of common problems i should be looking out for, what are these like on fuel servicing costs etc??? any help would or advice would be appreciated as i know little to nothing about these cars but am looking to upgrade my 1.0 polo 6n sometime in the near future
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  3. HP

    HP Registered User

    1.6 is an economical car, slightly underpowered but does the job nicely! go for a Sport facelift model.

    i'll be selling my 1.6 Sport this month will be looking for £3000. mileage is 97,000. i'll send you a link when i get it up in some classifieds.
  4. bhavin1986

    bhavin1986 BBP

    you should be able to pick up a good 1.6 sport for that much. I bought mine with 90,000 for 2,900 nearly two years ago! Its now on 107k and is still running strong. Although there have been a few issues since I've owned it. Last summer I had to replace the gearbox, which was the most costly problem I've had. Its a common issue with these gearboxes caused by rivets attaching the drive gear to the differential which shear off and pierce the casing causing leakage and no drive etc. Since its a common problem there's a premium on the gearboxes.

    I've also had my thermostat and temp sensor go on me, which are not expensive to replace. A full tank of 50 litres gives me 330 miles. Not the most economical since they're so heavy. The only thing thats different between the sport and the SE is the interior and the suspension. I just didn't like the seats and steering wheel of the SE models. No difference in performance though. If you can afford to, I'd hold out and save up for a 1.8t. I wish I did...only reason I couldn't was the insurance was(and still is) ridiculously expensive for me.

    If not then I'd say go for a facelift model, look a lot smarter. Ask whether the cambelt has been changed and for proof. Check the cars idling smooth, check the gear changes are smooth, get one with FSH, thats been looked after. Check all the electrics stereo etc. just as you would with any other car you're looking to buy. Main thing is just be patient and the right one will come along for the right price.

    I get my car serviced by a VAG specialist and get my parts from GSF/Euro, which isn't too costly.
  5. huwb

    huwb Registered User

    cheers for the replies guys really was looking into the 1.6 for insurance purposes to be honest, not sure if i wanna go down that road with the gearbox thing as had similar problems with the box in my polo, is there similar problems with the 1.8 non turbo boxes? once again cheers for the replies.
  6. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Look in the wanted in Classifieds

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