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I'm new to the forum, so hello. My name's matt (in case you hadnt guessed) and I currently drive a 3.9 Range Rover Classic. Sadly, my daily commute is going from 6 miles, to nearer 70 a day soon, so I need to get something a tad more economical than my Range Rover. I need 45mpg +, not 10 lol.

I'm looking at something like a 1997 Audi A4 1.9TDi, they seem a great buy for the money, and I've just got a great insurance quote on one, so I think it suits the bill nicely. I want something to munch miles, that is fairly reliable, and will be nice to drive, I'm also spending as little as possible. As nice as they may be, I prefer my petrol cars, and I want a weekender back as soon as possible.

For around £1000, I can get a fairly nice A4 1.9 TDi, with a good chunk of service history, and decent MOT, with around 180-200K miles on. Mileage doesn't really bother me, the body shouldnt be rotten away to hell on a 10 year old car, and if looked after, I'm sure 200,000 miles isn't all you can get out of an Audi TDi lump.

I see in various adverts that the "red eye engine" is mentioned. Can someone explain this, what's it all about?


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As long as all servicing up to date it should be ok, The red "i" is supposed to denote the 110 bhp model IIRC

The body will be fine,suspension bushes may creak and groan a bit on that mileage tho, but a whole set can be had very cheap if thats the case


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Hi Matt

You should be safe with the TDi - pretty good engine. As long as the body isnt too tatty!