Looking at a 3.0 tdi A6 Le Mans - any thoughts?

I seek the collective wisdom of the A6 owners out there. My 3.0 n/a B6 A4 is 10 years old now and I could do with a bit more space so I'm looking at a 2008 (57 plate) A6 3.0 tdi Le Mans tiptronic Avant with 78000 miles. What kind of value do you think I should be thinking about paying? Looks to be in very nice condition but I have to travel quite a bit to see it :)

I think it comes on 19" wheels but it would be good to know how small I can go on the wheels for a second set of rims with winter tyres. looks like 18" is no problem but what about 17". would there be wheel clearance issues?



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nice choice loving my A6 but would hate giving the to55ers in goverment 400 a year in tax tho but from my understanding if u can get over this the 3.0tdi is a fantastic lump
Thanks for the reply mate. If it makes you feel any better I'd be shafted about €9000 just for bringing it into Finland :) Then pay a bit more than the £400 yearly to keep it on the road! It's a LHD car I'm looking at. Phoned today and found out it's been converted to LHD so still had RHD lights and odometer in miles so not ideal. 4 months warranty and seller is more than happy for me to send the RAC to do an essentials plus check on it. I'm not 100% sure about the conversion though. Would I always be imagining tracking issues or noises etc? Maybe it would be totally fine. hmm..


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depending on who done the conversion it would all rest on for me make sure its all done to standard n safe for you to drive and as for prices to get to finland im glad im not living there tha sound mad prices
sorry im not much more help but im new to A6 ownership myself lol
I appreciate the input dar. I'm assuming that a full RAC with prior knowledge of the car should raise any issues. what is it they assumption is the mother of? erm.. :)