Looking at a 2018 1.5 TFSI


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Hi All,

First time poster so apologies if I get this wrong somehow ;)
I'm looking to chop in my 2005 Skoda Fabia vRS (fantastic car never missed a beat but emissions )

Anyway I'm looking at a 2018 1.5 TFSI s tronic with 18K on the clock, is there anything I should be looking at specifically before I take the plunge or any issues that the dealer may not admit to (I've read a lot about the 1.5 TFSI hesitation and that's my one main concern right now)

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.




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Luckily you are looking at the S-tronic one, the auto box somewhat masks the condition so you might be okay.

Coming from a punchy PD130 to a 1.5 TSI i think you might be disappointed with the performance, make sure you have a test drive before you commit!


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hi we brought a 2018 1.5 s-tronic convertible last November coming from a 2.0 tfsi tt roadster was a bit concerned , make sure the car has had the latest software update for the engine, ours pull away like **** of a a shovel, no hesitation ,compared to the tt it does run out of puff doesn't have the same torque.

its plenty quick enough ,and pulls well from low revs . good luck


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Thanks for the replies.

I'm long past where I"m caring about super speed, more comfortable just cruising. As a hobby I do long distance running 50-100miles sort of distances so attend a few races a year so need something I can sit in and stick the cruise control on and just sit on the motorway without my legs cramping up on me, hence moving to an auto from the Furbies manual box. I will miss her when she's gone as she's like a little go kart but times have changed.

If I was comfortable with the current battery generation I would go electric but I think in 2 generations time I will be more comfortable so my next car after this one will 99.9% be electric unless there is a huge change to hydrogen or some other tech in the mean time...

It's an approved used audi I'm looking at if that makes any difference so will have the warranty etc on it.



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I swapped to my new 1.5 tfsi manual in 2019 from a 2.0 diesel Skoda Yeti.
I was apprehensive about the possible hesitation/kangarooing some have experienced with this engine across VAG but had no problems.
Performance is a revelation. The engine is flexible and pulls strongly.
Economy is a surprise. I do not travel in rush hour/peak times and average 45/50mpg in everyday driving. Towing an 1100/1200kg caravan I get anything from 35 to 40 mpg. On a long solo motorway run, roadworks speed restricted to 50 and 60 mph I have seen a brim to brim fill up genuine high 60's to low 70's mpg.