Looking at 2001 S4 (rebuilt title)


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So I have always wanted to get an Audi, and now that I am about to graduate college with a good job offer I have been looking more seriously at the B5 S4s. Today driving home from work I see a very nice looking 2001 S4 for sale on the side of the street. I live in a pretty small town so finding an S4 is a rarity (I was assuming I was going to have drive at least 300 miles to get one). I call up and find out the guy is asking for $10k - $11k because the car has a rebuilt title. According to him the car is from California and they ran over a curb so his uncle took it in and fixed it up.

To the point, I have purchased several vehicles in my life, so I understand the basics, but I was hoping to find out things to look for specifically? Is it even worth looking at a car with a rebuilt title? I would, of course, take the car to a mechanic if I decided to purchase it but are there things that I could look for before it even got to the mechanic point? Problems with B5 S4's that would be apparent? Anything else I should know? Thanks!


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Its the usa equivelent to our cat C/D damaged/repaired !!


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i wouldnt pay that much for it mate


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Plus check say Autotrader.com and see what they book at and then deduct the fact it was salvage and you will have a better idea of value.