Long awaited photos of my A4 some nice changes. Picture heavy!!


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I've been meaning to get a load of photos together of my car recently, especially since fitting the RS4 interior, loads of people have been asking to get some photos up of the interior so I hope this thread will cater for your needs! :) As well as that I've done a couple of other bits to the exterior.

So I'll start with the exterior bits first. I have a private plate which is only 5 digits long, I hate number plates at the best of times, mainly because of the horrid yellow rear plate and the fact that we have to stick to strict guidelines in this country, so to make the plate a bit easier on the eye I had short length plates made up. Normal plates are 20.5" long but I had some made up at 16" long. They are still standard legal height and legal size digits and as far as I'm aware there is no law to say the plate has to be a certain length, it only lists the digits that need to be a certain size. Now the rear plate was no problem, but the front bumper had a recess which was UK length size but it had holes in the bumber. After given the heads up by Carl (C17LJR) he gave me the part number to a US Audi S4 front bumper number plate recess cover which would sort me out now end with my issue of fitting a short length plate into a recess which has holes in it.

And here it is. I got my mate at his bodyshop to spray it up for me and here is the end result....



Her is how my bumper looked without the cover and the short length plate fitted


With the number plate removed you can clearly see the holes


The recess cover literally just clips into the holes on the bumper and is a very nice snug fit



Now with the number plate fitted onto the recess cover, it looks a lot neater! :)


Next up I bought some SMD LED H11 fog light bulbs. I lamin-x'd my fog light lamps in yellow film last year but feel it was time to give the front end a cleaner look and remove it back to the clear lamps. I wasn't expecting the LED bulbs to be brilliant but they only cost a tenner so thought I'd give them a go. They weren't bad to be fair, but predicably they threw up an error on the DIS. I thought about leaving them in, but they would of drove me mad every time I turn the ignition on with the dash bleeping at me, so I pulled them back out and threw the original bulbs back in. Alternatively, I did think about wiring them up as DRL's but wasn't too keen on butchering them to work.



Comparism to the yellow lamin-x coated fog light on the right.


On the subject of DRL's, lucky I didn't decide to make my fog lights into DRL's because it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my dad bought me this wicked set of DRL's! :) These are the only DRL's that are dual function where they dim when the side lights or headlights are switched on. They are 18 LED's per side and are pure white just like the OE Audi DRL's which is exactly what I was after. They are pretty expensive for DRL's at £60 but well worth it.


To fit them I wanted it to look as factory fitted as possible, which meant, for where I wanted to put them, cutting the front bumper slightly on each side, which was a bit scary but luckily with taking my time I pulled it off and I'm very happy with the outcome.


As you can see the DRL's follow the curve of the front bumper nicely.....


In 'daytime' mode


The camera couldn't quite pick them up very well


And here they are in 'night time mode' dimmed with the headlights on, again the camera doesn't pick them up very well unfortunately



Also for my birthday I got a new set of HID's from my daughters :) as my old kit failed after a few years. The kit I got was from hids-direct and they are an Audi specific canbus error free kit. 50w instead of the usual 35w and 6000k temperature. I hated it when my old kit broke and had to go back to standard H7 halogen bulbs, they were like candles! So getting a decent HID kit back in the car is brilliant, the difference is like night and day!

Here is the kit


I highly recommend hids-direct to anyone, Dale there gives you excellent customer sevice! :thumbup:


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So today I managed to get permission from the wife to give the car a good wash. I took the oppertunity to get a load of fresh photos at the same time. As said earlier, I took some of the recently fitted RS4 interior as well. So here they are....... Enjoy!








Now onto the interior. Here is how the interior used to look, I used to have a custom re-trimmed black and cherry red leather, they were the standard sport seats re-trimmed, and they are now in the hands of Paul (pabs) on here.




And here is how the interior now looks!







And a nice touch what with it now having the RS4 door cards is the ambient lighting above the pull handles on all of the doors which light the handles up red at night. :) They also have puddle lights at the bottom of the door cards, and the pull handles are different being RS4, they have the cut out inbetween the pull handle unlike the solid silver door handles in A4's.


Here you can see the rear or the back seats in the boot, pretty neat considering my car originally had fixed solid rear seats and now it has fully functioning split folding rear seats thanks to my mate Gary at his bodyshop West Herts Customs. :)


I have upgraded the interior trim inlays as well. Originally I had the gunmetal grey plastic inlays, but I've now upgraded them to the aluminium optional extra inlays which make a massive difference and just bring it a bit more upto date and feshen it up.


Next up I upgraded my old RNS-D satnav unit to an RNS-E, again this is one upgrade that seems to massively bring the interior upto date! Its also a wicked bit of kit compared the RNS-D in terms of what it does and probably more importantly how it looks! ;)

The old RNS-D


The new RNS-E




One of the dash showing the RNS-E and the aluminium inlays


And just like my old RNS-D, the RNS-E gives satnav instructions via the DIS :)


And there you have it! Hope you all like. Unfortunately in the next week or two I'm going to have to put this beauty up for sale as the wife is expecting our 3rd (and last!) child, so I feel that this car is far far too nice to get ruined by kids, and the main reason for the sale is to free up some cash to get my wife a new car which is big enough for the kids and me a small runner to go to and from work in. It will be a very very sad day to see this car leave my posession! :(



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Az, I have to say that is one of the best looking A4's I've seen!

Love the mods you've done to it, and they all look very well done.

DRL's are tough ones to retrofit for cars not designed for them, but they look great, very 'factory'. :)

Wish I had the cash for it mate, but it'll be a great car for somebody.


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Thanks for that mate. Yeah the DRL's were a bit of a worry when it came to fitting them, 1 because I had to cut the front bumper slightly, and 2 because you see so many shockingly bad fitted aftermarket DRL's on cars these day, and 3 its hard to get DRL's to look good, or more importantly to look factory fitted on an older car which has been out for longer than a couple of years, thats why I wanted them to fit into the fog light grille perfectly, so I hunted around for the DRL's which had the closest measurements, and luckily for me these DRL's were fully legal dimming ones which I hadn't seen anywhere else.


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Cheers lads! Glad you like. :)


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Very nice mate. May I be the first to offer you £10 for it......as long as you can deliver!


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Very nice mate. May I be the first to offer you £10 for it......as long as you can deliver!

Now there's an offer I'm gonna have to...............refuse! :)

James - no the DRL's I didn't have in time for AITP, nor did I have the number plate recess cover as it was still being shipped over.

Thanks for the comments jolly14. :)

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Great work AZ sad to see it go so soon. Alike my grey 2.5 Quattro, fully loaded. Not much more to bee done.


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Awesome car. Tremendous


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Cheers lads! Yeah your right v6 quatt, I only had two more things left to do on the car which would of completed it for me, they were the flat bottom rs4 steering wheel and rs4 alloy pedals to finish off the interior. Shame, wish I could keep the car to do that. :(


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WOW!! That is a nice car mate. I'd be mortified having to sell that :(


Hard slammed!