London Meet


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Hi everyone,

I will like to organise a meet in London and get together all of us for a chat, drink etc... Is anyone in here interested to join and start to do something regular in London or around London as we all like audi's and we shall enjoy our cars and to build up some very nice meets for future.

Who ever is interested can you please give me a PM or just copy and past their names on this thread please.

I like to hear from all of you.


Sonny Singh

Audi A4 DTM
ill be up for this mate


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Add me on fb... Andrei Nita and my profile pic is a pic with some vag cars at ace caffee london

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Cool.. I got the invite @Andyn. Just need to juggle a few things at work to try to make it. If I can, my mate will tag along with his GTi.