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Hi Guys,

Sorry if there already is a London meet thread but couldn't see it.

Im a New Audi owner and don't know any other Audi owners just a few other V-Dubs,

Is there a meet in London as there must be alot of London Boys/Girls about.... We should get a regular meet up just to see everyone in the flesh and check out everyones rides - no **** lol

Let me know whos on it and we can decide places etc

Im in West, Ealing.


Gill S3

yes mate, i'm new to this site. i live in Southall, we'll sort something out.
I wanna get to know more audi enthusiasts in the area. i know cars (vw,audi) meet up in Sainsburys carpark 2nd floor in Hayes Lombardy retail park every other evening/night.
look out for me G9LL G :)


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Hi mate, I've been looking for threads that might have mentioned London meet but no success.

I think it would be good if a few of us could even meet up around London area in general to check out each others cars etc...

Dan S3

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More London meets are definitely needed!!!