Lockdown Battery Charging


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Not using the car much these days, so wondering how the battery charge is holding up.

I've sussed to use the battery charging terminals under the bonnet and also that the battery is AGM type.

My battery charger is a fairly fancy CTEK MXS 5.0. Would anyone think there would be a problem charging it with this charger, given that it is an AGM battery?

Don't want to do something silly and trash the car / battery/ battery charger.

Thanks all.

John Wr

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I use a CTEK MXS 5 to keep my A6 charged. Just scroll through the menu to set it up for car battery and AGM.



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Thanks John. My charger is from about 2009 and doesn't have any specific settings for AGM, although the manual says it's suitable for 'all battery types'.

I think as you say it'll be OK but I've got onto their support email for confirmation.

RS3 S.

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Any body tried one of those ''solar panel'' things you stick in the front window & supposed to ''trickle'' charge the battery?.


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Got it. According to CTEK support, the snowflake symbol is the AGM battery mode on the older chargers.


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Not driven for a couple of weeks apart from out the garage to wash! Expect after a few more weeks the cars power control will shut down various components. Can either run the engine for half an hour to recharge or thinking on getting one of these from Halfords for £59. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/b...vanced-smart-battery-charger-plus-238350.html

Assume it simply connects to the terminal points under the bonnet...

Upside to not having to drive anywhere is a very clean car. Good opportunity to clay, polish, & wax panels and have painted callipers etc...



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Any body tried one of those ''solar panel'' things you stick in the front window & supposed to ''trickle'' charge the battery?.
Yeh I use this in my zed, but this is parked up for the duration of winter. If the weather keeps good and sunny it does keep it from dying quicker but If I forget to stick the trickle charger on half way through hibernation the battery will be dead by April when it comes out of hibernation. If you've got the facilities to keep a trickle charger on I'd go down that route but the solar panel is handy if the cars out on a drive/street for buying you some time.

Neil Woodburn

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I have a CTEK Conditioner / Charger ( forgot model ) and found that the +ve post is quite big on the Audi A6 and the bonnet would not close with the CTEK red clamp on the post.

Ended up after some research was to fit the other cables in the CTEK Boxes - one direct to the + ve battery connection clamp screw in the boot wheel well and the black the body work to allow a path for the charger to flow.

it has worked well for the last 12 months with the car standing for 4 month periods.

Much like you have pictured in the under bonnet.

You can't just connect the charger to the +ve and - ve of the Battery with these intelligent batteries / all the electronics.

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