Loba hpfp Group buy?


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I am currently in touch with Loba in Germany about buying one of there pumps. There asking for €650 which is about £510 including vat and delivery to the UK. They currently have stock ready to go and it also includes the cam follower

Would anybody be interested in a group buy, if so I'll ask them how much per unit. I'm sure they would if we could get 5 or 10 People


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Tsr performance were doing it for £475 not long ago, maybe talk to them or another tuner on here, but I am interested depending on price


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They have there delivery now and I believe the price has increased to £485 (£10 extra)

That's the last I heard anyhow but I definately seen them post on FB yesterday with a fresh delivery. Contact them again now....


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If this goes ahead I would definitely be interested. I am looking to buy in the next few weeks

TSR is same price as Awesome GTi £530 + delivery
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They have got special deals on them at the moment and I'm sure they will keep it going for a group buy just pm Ricky on here or give him a ring on 01278 453036


HI we are currently running an offer please contact me as we have stock on the shelf


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So what price these going for at the minute with the deal?


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Ordered from TSR on Monday afternoon. Pump arrived mid afternoon Today (Tuesday)

Very happy can't wait to fit it