Liquid A4/S4 for the B6


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I just finished the latest update for the liquidxx to support the B6 chassis, I have been able to test it on my A3 1.9TDi and a friends 2.0TDi but need to try it in a NA petrol and turbo petrol A4.

If anyone is around the fife/edinburgh area and has 10 mins to spare it would be much appriciated.

Here is a video of a test run on my A3 (cut short due to my camera battery going flat) but it gives a good idea about its operation which is the same on the A4


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Very Nice how much work is involved ??? How much do these cost 1.8t (190)


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I want one , what a fantastic bit of kit
is it adaptable to other models when you sell your current car
eg, i have a B6 avant 1.9tdi at the moment if i buy a petrol B7 V6 will it work with a software upgrade or is it all based on standard obd .

ps. you dont have the B6 1.9 tdi listed on your site specifically yet also what would be your recomendation for mounting the device
thanks again Paul
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The electronics and software is identical in all the units, it's just the mounting solutions thatare different. The different plastics are made by Steve at SWG motorsport. Please drop him a few emails indicating interest and we will be able to see about a mounting solution.

Is there a preference on which vent to use?

The B6 kit will go up on the site once I have been able to get on a few cars to do some confirmation testing.


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i would want the drivers side centre vent personally .
and a group buy would be good :thumbsup:


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Where do I sign ...................:wub:

I think "cabs" are the easiest as they have round vents like the TT and A3 and the round PCB vesion can easily be fitted to them vs the square vents which need a platics insert.

I'm going to the Scottish VAG mega meet on Sunday (at Knockhill) and will hopefully get a bit of testing done there.