Links to A6/S6/RS6 C5 compatible Ebay finds and classified.


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OK guys, i am borrowing a leaf out of the 8P/B5 guys forum and stuffing this in here. If you stumble across anything you think is useful on /Com /De.

Even if it is your item you can post in here but just a brief explanation with a link and maybe any additional deal you feel like giving ASN users:nyah:

Quick Edit,
I will delete posts as they become out of date so we have current stuff on here most of the time.


Number Plates

Vehicle specific symbols such as Audi shown below. So even if you have a different vehicle, I should have the correct symbol for your car - please ask for more information.

Note - the registration mark 'EXAMPLE' shown below is for illustrative purposes only.


You can choose : -

- Border or no border

- GB or no GB.

- A short message instead of the symbol.

The only thing that legally has to remain is the postcode and the BSAU mark.

I will supply double sided sticky pads with them.

Please use the parts request feature on the site to get started.

For security reasons - I will need a photograph/scan of the front and inside of your V5 with your driving license on top of it.

The card billing address must match the address shown on the V5 - I will know if it doesn't match and I will cancel the order.
Any pictures/scans of V5's should be sent to my email address and not uploaded to the site. (I'll provide my email address after you have submitted the parts request).

£20.00 inc VAT a set.

Most of you know me by now, but for those of you who don't have a good look through the parts request system or simply Google my username. These plates are fully road legal, I'm a Main Dealer and have been personally part of this forum for years. I'm not here to mess you about.

Its free delivery.

Any questions, please ask.

Kind Regards,



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My friend is breaking his 03 A6 2.5tdi FWD Avant manual. £205+ miles. Engine is good (starter motor has started playing up)

WILL BE GETTING SCRAPPED SOON. If you need any parts, please be quick. I will check on here every hour today and til noon tomorrow.

Car is located in Ampleforth. 20 miles north of York, 5 miles from Helmsley.



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Any pics of that car mate? My dad is after centre caps and other bits for his allroad...

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Hi, car is long gone and scrapped I'm afraid.


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I'm breaking a C5 4.2 Saloon, pics to follow shortly! PM me if your needing any bits.


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Cobra ParkMaster Rear Parking System 17mm Flush (4)
Model R0394

Condition New

Make reverse parking easier with the Cobra Park Master R0394 4 x 17mm sensor reverse parking aid which can be painted to match perfectly with your vehicle. So you benefit from the system's functionality without comprising on appearance.

RRP £ 89.99

Have a set of above for sale.. painted in quartz grey. Can also be repainted if needed. Fit any car. Make me an offer. I never fitted these to my a4 and have since bought a new car.
Also comes with cutting tool which was around £25 i think.


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19" S-line RS6 style wheels with tyres


Fitted to the car (yes mine is a b6 with a b7 front end)






8J ET45 5x112 with 235/35/19 tyres.
Bought brand new a year ago.
No buckles, cracks, bubbles or anything but a bit of curbing.
Tyres all legal but one is on the limit.
Birmingham B16 9SD.