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Lincolnshire AlloyGator mobile installer Discount offer for Audi-sport.net

OCDetails Aug 22, 2018

  1. OCDetails

    OCDetails Site Sponsor Site Sponsor TFSI Owners Group Team Sepang Audi S1 Manual

    I am pleased to announce that OCDetails are now Lincoln’s only mobile installer of Alloygators™.

    Alloygators™ protect your alloys from kerb marks and add a personal touch with multiple colours. To give your car this added protection just give us a call.

    Price is £150 including fitting. Audi-sport.net members get £20 off this bringing the cost to £130 Fitted

    Taking bookings for September onwards.


    [​IMG][​IMG]We accept all major Debit or Credit Cards, Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal [​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] Nanolex Approved Detailer.
    [​IMG] Autoglym Approved Valeter.
    ✅ Profesional Valeter & Detailer Association Approved.
    ✅ International Detailing Association Certified Detailer.
    ⚠️ Skilled - Proven - Insured.
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