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Limp mode, help.

Mason-A3Sport Dec 31, 2009

  1. Mason-A3Sport

    Mason-A3Sport Audi Sport

    I have recetly been having a problem with my car, its an Audi A3 PD130 on a 51reg. The car has been running fine with no problems but when i accelerate to about 3500rpm, the car has been going into limp mode and the turbo has just stopped funtioning, this has happend three times now, but somtimes the car pulls fine. I always let the turbo warm up thoroughly before i drive. Has anyone had this problem before and how can i solve it, I've done a bit of research already and found similar problems caused by (sticky veins), (Maf sensor), and someone even suggested using a product called (Powerboost) which is sprayed into the airbox through to the inlet, which can remove all the carbon build up which causes sticky veins. Has anyone got any suggestions on this product or how to go about fixing my problem before i start. Thanks in advance!

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