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For Sale Limited edition A4 DTM

Benjy1701 Jan 1, 2019

  1. Benjy1701

    Benjy1701 Registered User

    E1080B80-D05F-47D3-A247-2E8DA54552AB.jpeg AF4B7B1E-5A59-4047-B1DC-B06C00E20C54.jpeg F485D03D-1E68-4E3D-8F3A-E41785E8A15D.jpeg D4FD8A22-9CA0-4B0D-88A0-B46C19A1298A.jpeg C6E1BD72-7666-44C2-94EC-DC43D2EBF5D2.jpeg 55B0C45D-5236-4641-A842-158E83E4CEFB.jpeg 3F9F5849-8660-4FD6-98B1-6F95066F4A2D.jpeg Limited edition DTM. 2.0 TFSI
    Half leather/alcantara recaro seats in very good condition
    Full carbon interior trim
    Screen with nav and 6 cd changer in glove box
    Xeon headlights with DRL
    Climate control
    New brembo front discs and pads
    Uprated front brakes to 2007 s4 big brakes
    Brand new pilot sport 4 tyres all round
    Spare alloy in boot with tools
    Uprated bilstein shocks all round
    Alloys are mint with no marks
    MOT due January but can put one on if asking price is agreed.
    Loads of paperwork

    Very sought after car

    Bad points

    One exhaust tip is missing
    Blow in rear section of exhaust
    Probably due a service in January
    Has a brake sensor light on because the bigger brakes have sensors each side but pads only come with one cable so shows up on dash. Will try and sort this if I get the time.
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  3. Benjy1701

    Benjy1701 Registered User

    Completely forgot price £7000 ovno
  4. Pedrödelabongo

    Pedrödelabongo Guest

    That's one cool motor!

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