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Lights on, buzzing noise from the rear??

norad97 Oct 9, 2018

  1. norad97

    norad97 Member

    found a bit of an odd one today, (or mabe not)
    So started the car, switched on the lights, a slight buzzing noise in the car, switch off the lights, no noise,
    switch on the lights, buzzing noise again, turn off engine, music ect and lights off.
    no ignition on or engine runing, all quite, switch on lights only, buzzing noise again, seems to be from the
    rear. But need to check at weekend.
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  3. b6ben

    b6ben Member

    I have this problem too, I was told it was a bad earth to the rnse unit I have, tried manually earthing it while I had it out but still had the same problem.

    Do you have the Bose system in your car?

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  4. KLBC

    KLBC Member Team V8 Audi S4 Saloon S tronic

    What lights do you have halogens or HIDs?

    Mine makes the same noise not exactly from the rear but audible, i have HIDs, first car ive had that has HIDs so ive always thought it was normal!
  5. norad97

    norad97 Member

    Hi, Sorry for the delay on checking, so get in the car no key in ignition, everthing off, turn on side lights and buzzing sound, traced the sound coming
    from the rear door speaker on drivers side,??? not sure what is causing it, bad earth maybe or how the lights even affect that speaker???
  6. norad97

    norad97 Member

    Another update, when i got the car I fitted a factory bluetooth that came with an adaptor loom, plugged it in RSNE all worked so no ploblems,
    never put the lights on as it was still light in summer. i think it might be a connector in the loom, I will remove the loom the weekend and test using
    the original loom, will report back.

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