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Light and rain sensor Fault?

OSSIE Oct 17, 2018

  1. OSSIE

    OSSIE New Member

    Hope someone can help, have looked all over but not having much luck!!!!

    Got a strange problem with the wife's 2013 A1 S line and looking for advice/suggestions
    The front wipers have completely stopped working.
    It's fitted with the auto light sensor which has also stopped working, headlights don't come on, no coming home/leaving lights.
    Have checked the fuses and they seem okay.
    Could it be the actual sensor as I believe this operates the auto wiper function as well?
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  3. therealbrad_wil

    therealbrad_wil New Member

    I don't believe it...I just bought the wife an A1 2013 S-line last week... Today she drove it the front wipers stopped working. The auto headlights are also not working but I'm not sure if they went at the same time or they just weren't working since we had it as we didn't check it.
    Also had the water in the bootlid/tailgate issue and have to sort that out.
    I ran a scan on it and all the rear lights were previously flagged as a fault... Cleared them and it hasn't rained again... Looks like I have a few issues to sort out.
    Bought this as a keeper...
    Any tips and hints will be appreciated.

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