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Leon cupra r splitter b7 rs4

chrisa4quat Mar 22, 2016

  1. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    Whilst I'm here I may aswell ask all my questions lol. I've been looking at the Leon cupra r splitter for the front end. I know people say it's not wide enough but I quite like it. Anyone got any better suggestions or fitted one? Are they easy to fit etc?
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  3. RS4 Cookie

    RS4 Cookie Member

    I've fitted one to mine m8, carbon wrapped it before hand. Bumper off for fitting though, I fixed mine to the bumper with M4 machine screws with the nuts to the inside, you could fit it using self tappers but be very careful as the headlight washer hoses and fog light wiring are routed right at the nose of the bumper. An hour to an hour and half will fit it...if you've had the bumper off before, if not then maybe two hours. The fit isn't too bad, it's not perfect but it looks pretty good. I've got mine about half an inch back from the radius on the bottom of bumper, in that position the very outside (legs) are about an inch short from matching up with original bumper rear edge.

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