Lemon or Le Man?


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Excuse the thread title ha ha

Was lookin for new car and found this


C6 Le Mans facelift.

Can anyone tell me how reliable these are and these 3.0 tdi lumps at around 60k miles? Anything to look out for?
Do they have full spec as standard? Try as I might I can't see anything missing. It says cruise control but I cannot see a stalk for it?

Gonna go and see it this week.

What really appeals to me is you can fit Morimoto FX-R projectors in them instead of the mini 2.5" ones. Which is probably a stupid reason to spend £10k on a car ha ha

Oh and the leg room. They look like they gotta lot of it. And im 6ft 8.



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Strong engines those 3.0 are.

I have 2.0 so cannot comment on it.

With your height, you might not have too much leg room. I'm 6ft 3in and for me it is fine. Also, my seat is pretty close to the front, as for a bloke tall like me so my wife has loads of room at the back.

Ad is no longer available. Did you bought it?

Edit: You can have a lemon in your Le Mans


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The 3.0tdi facielifted is solid

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