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Led tail light upgrade

lee suddick Jul 6, 2020

  1. lee suddick

    lee suddick Registered User

    just a quick question would 2012 a4 led tail lights fit into a 2010 a4 b8 with halogens as im toying with the idea of getting a set as ive just fitted xenons to the front and now the standard rear lights look s**t
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  3. George Crawley

    George Crawley Registered User

    If they're Avant lights then I believe it is a direct swap between pre-facelift and facelift tail lights. Saloons will require a new boot and bumper if you buy facelift lights for a pre-facelift vehicle.
    However, going from Halogen to LED's will require coding changes at the very least, as well as new plugs and wiring as the functions of LED lights are different to Halogens, i.e. brake lights will be across both units instead of just 1 as with halogen, etc.

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