LED tail light replacements


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Hi guys, have any of you replaced the bulbs in the tail lights with LeD's? If so, any pictures to share?

I've searched and searched, but apologies if there are other threads on this topic.

I know you can get replacement tail light units by the likes of Decane, etc but I can not make my mind up with them and wondered if just replacing the bulbs was a good alternative.



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I asked Trups about led tail lights for mine and he said the B7 seems to hate them with incomparability issues, but I think it may be something he is working on.


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Cheers mate. I've seen some of Trups work actually, top bloke.

I don't know whether to just buy some LED's and give them a try.

What's everyone's opinions on the aftermarket LED complete light units? They seem to change the styles often. I'd want something as close to an OEM style as possible like the A6's and A3's, etc.


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I've been thinking about this for a while but all the threads I've read say most led units require some re wiring and some even require reflective stickers to conform to UK standards or something like that :astonished:

They were old threads mind and it may be that you can buy straight plug and play units now but this all seemed a bit of a minefield and a bodge for my liking so I kind of forgot about it. I will watch with interest to see how things work out for you.


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This is something I'm interested in too. I have the b7 cabby so I've got the big ugly lookin b6 rear lights. I hate the look of them.


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They look amazing, would look so much better on my black avant than whats on it now


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What's on your avant now (OEM)?

I really can't make my mind up on those LED's, which is why I'm also looking at whether replacing the bulbs themselves for LED's in the OEM units may be a good option.