LED numberplate & interior light recommendations

Jack Little

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Hi all, just looking for reccomendations for LED bulbs or units for interior lighting and the numberplate lights/units, I'm after a pure crisp white/oem colour, nothing with a blue tone in it

Thanks in advance!


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I dont rate T8ups number plate bulbs at all, they are too 'directed' and look like spot lights instead of a more of a flood light. Look pretty **** to be honest.

I would go for the actual Audi LED ones off the cabriolet, much better.


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hi....i was looking at this a while back and re-searched all the previous posts on this site which there are lots.....

ive got a 2010 S3......

Ive seen all the eBay non genuine ones, and others, they are cheaper but i find you get what you pay for in terms of quality and fitting etc. I got some genuine audi ones which i think where from the a5 but like the link up there the a3 cab ones should fit?

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 18.20.15.png

They fitted fine and the light from the led look good quality not to bright not to dim just right. Th i did need to get some new screws which audi provided. I found i did get the error 'bulb out' in the DIS. I have got the VCDS to try and cancel it but it will still come up.

You need the resistors which can be found on the Kufatec web site. Again these are genuine audi parts and all just plug and play, once you get to the connectors in the boot lid which is a bit of a fiddle.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 18.20.05.png

All in your looking at about £50-60 which is bit expensive for what it is, but if you want the genuine look etc go for that option. If not I'm sure there are other alternatives i found that way just worked best for me.