LED Number plate light upgrades


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EM Tunings plate lights are the perfect OE spec brightness lighting up the numberplate no brighter than how audi let it out of the factory with Halogen bulbs, we are keen to keep your car looking OEM from the exterior so a few years backhad these bulbs made up just to use as Numberplate light bulbs which has 2 3528 LED's to give you the perfect glow without making your stand out.

The are 5000k in colour.
Non Canbus - £5 per pair
Canbus - £6

Screws are not included in the sale, they can be purchased for £1 for the set and are genuine Audi T10 torx headed bolts.

Postage not included but is £2.10 to the UK.


If you have a Audi A3 09-12MY or a A4 B7 you will need a canceller loom which is £13+Postage.

I do the kit with the loom, screws, bulbs and postage for £19.99 to the UK

I can also do this setup for the Audi A1 09-12MY, Audi TT - 09-11MY and the Audi R8 09-12MY


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Hi t8ups, i bought the led number plate bulbs for my S3 8P3 2011. Got the canbus ones which i wasn't sure was correct i also got the loom, how do i install the loom? I'm getting an error message on the dis


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Thanks @t8ups for the LEDs, cleaner and newer!