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I am currently looking into an A5 Sportback and wondered if one of you good people could confirm what the difference is in the Interior LED light pack? As far as I can tell the extended pack gives you colour change and not much else. Is that correct?



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Pretty much yes, may as well opt for the Light & Vision pack so you get it included.


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You also get door pocket lights in the extended pack that aren't in the non-extended.

If you have the B&O audio, you get an illuminated strip on the speakers too (this may come without extended ambient also - I don't have B&O so can only confirm it's not on the standard speakers even with extended ambient)


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20209BDC-76A7-4CE1-8357-96B9F3A846EF.jpeg 787EA4D7-187B-492E-9E2A-D508C037C898.jpeg D79BF0DB-008A-4EC9-AA65-D5F55B4ACEDC.jpeg I just have the standard LED lighting, as orcomma says you don`t get door pocket lights but you get strips lights in door panel`s, door handle, foot well and centre console.
you also can dim or turn off individual sections in the MMI.
The B@O lights are only white even if you order multicoloured.
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