LED interior bulbs - t8ups!

Irish EK

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I want to upgrade my dull yellow interior lights on my 2005 a4 s line but im not sure which ones to go for or where to get them. I want to get that white light HID effect so i hope someone here, t8ups i think, can help me out.

I want to replace number plate bulbs, boot bulb, interior lights (front and back) and map reading lights with the above. Maybe the glovebox light aswell. Can someone point me in the right direction?!


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PM t8ups. He sent me all the right lamps that I needed. I have exactly the same car and all work a treat.


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As above, T8UPS is a top bloke, sent me all I needed to do puddle/footwell/glove box/vanity/boot/number plate lights! He is mega helpful if you get stuck too.


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Again +1 for T8UPS, just purchased all the LED bulbs for my interior and numberplate, the difference is unbelievable. did get more pics but my phone messed up so now only have the one argh! but just to show the difference:


OEM on the left T8UPS led's on the right.