led hyper flash solved


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After recently installing new led lights front and back, i encountered hyper flashing on the front indicators and knew instantly that the supposedly canbus error free bulbs were not working and that a resistor/ relay unit would be called for, but i didn't fancy cutting and soldering or the scotch block electrical connectors,or removing the relay from behind the hazzard button on the dash, so set about looking for a plug n play adapter, and came across this


found it on Flea Bay 2x BAU15S 1156 Turn Signal No Error Warning Flash Load Resistors LED Decoder | eBay

It arrived and was duly fitted and Bingo problem solved maybe a little bigger than fitting a resistor and certainly a lot less hassle than swapping out the flasher relay but at £ 13 a set money well spent



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Nice work mate.

really cool pic too, cars looking good.