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I have a standard A3 1.6 (boring i know) but was looking on vag parts at the S6 LED DRL's. It mentions that they must be fitted or adapted if used on another model, would these fit my car? I dont have the front headlights at the front, just slits either side...

think they look really good, any one got any pics?



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do search on forum there's fair few that have done, if you have foglights then you would need to either remove them or mod the trim around them, kufatec.de do the wiring I think & also need4street.de by the name of Holger do the kit, needs some wiring skills of course.

If you dont have fogs then would be easier to fit, they can screw up under the bumper just above where the fogs usually go, not sure how would look on a standard a3, would maybe consider having a sportier look before doing these as IMHO it looks better on an SLine bumper.


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Saw a Black Punto with A6 LED DRL's on last night, I cried a little inside.

:lmfao::lmfao: No way man, now gonna have to seriously reconsider them, lol, punto, they would have been the generic ones strip of flexible led's etc.


I dont know what they were I just saw 2 strips of LED coming towards me in the dark but it didnt have the A6 Headlights, turned around and noticed it was a Fiat!


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I think the A6 DRL's look better than the new integrated A3 units. I'd happily get some installed above the fogs. Think they'd look good!