LED Daylight Running Bulbs (DRL) don't need resistors S3 8P - Only VCDS


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I have been having a look over the forum or the web but haven't managed to find anything, so apologies if this has been mentioned before.

Since putting LED's in my 2007 S3 8P as my DRL, I've always used a resistor to cancel the Bulb Dash error. I know some people might have successfully got Canbus DRL Led's.

However, after having to replace the resistors about every year, which is a pain I decided to have a search round VCDS.

Came across the setting that changes your DRL to use LED's and once I changed that, the bulb error light went out. No resistors required! Only taken me 5 years to figure it out!

Using VCDS go to:-

- 09-Cent. Elec

--> Go to Long Coding Helper

Then go to byte 21

Then that will give you a drop down list, I selected 06 which worked for me!

Hoping this might help anyone who wants to have or has LED DRL bulbs.

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