LED bulb suggestions?


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Hi all,

Anyone switched to LED h7 bulbs?

Im aware they may be an issue for mot, and after installing may need to re adjust lighta to not blind other road users.

Anyone using some and can reccomend or not reccomend? Seems to be a few names out there and reviews are spotty on youtube from great to terrible.

Looking to upgrade as my basic bulbs are terrible lol

Thanks all


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PFL I presume?
I would recommend 3 options instead of LED bulbs, in non led housing.

1. Retrofit xenon projectors and fit proper xenon bulbs with igniters/ballast
2. Retrofit FL OEM xenon headlamps with projectors
3. Fit normal halogen GOOD quality bulbs like Phillips or Osram

Option 1 requires DIY and opening up the headlamp housing
Option 2 require coding/adaptation
Option 3 require small hands and little fiddle

"The choice is yours"

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