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Leather seats

Pee Jam Mar 27, 2020

  1. Pee Jam

    Pee Jam A6 Avant LeMans 3.0L Seat Alhambra xcellence Gold Supporter

    Morning all

    Hope everyone is coping in these trying times at the moment!

    Since we have some time on our hands I thought id look at the leather seats in my car.

    It has Milano black leather that just seems a tad on the hard/stiff side and a bit too slippery? The rear seats leather seems softer and certainly not as slippery as the front seats, I guess due to less use. They also appear too shiney!

    Now I have read about modern leather seats having a coating on them from the factory that will inhibit any fluids from getting into the leather, but is there a way to revive this leather as i'm sure it was not like this from the factory? Has anyone here brought back to 'life' their black leather seats?

    I have black leather seats in our Alhambra and they have a nice dull sheen to them and are soft and grippy, which how I wish the A6's were.


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