Leather seats


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My A4-B5 has Tan leather interior.
Cleaning of the leather has to be done with care.
The drivers seat like most cars gets the most use, what cleaner do the experts use?
I am now using Autoglym leather cleaner (was voted best cleaner)
before I used Maquires and Liquid leather (i don`t recommend for modern cars)




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Zymol Leather Cleaner and Zymol Treat Leather Conditioner are a great pair of products that work well and feed the leather properly. Good alternatives are the leather products by Gliptone, and Poorboy's Leather Stuff is also a good bet for those on a budget. What I like most about the Zymol products and in particular the Treat, is that they leave the leather feeling plump and fresh, just like new; when you work the products in, it really feels like they are nourishing the leather rather than sitting on the surface. :)


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norad97 said:
Liquid leather (i don`t recommend for modern cars)

do you mean Gliptone liquid leather?
i thought this was high recommended


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I use the zymol cleaner and treat on my s3 but to be honest, I found it did not really want to be worked into the leather too much.
Any tips for getting it to be absorbed more, or is it a case of leave it on longer??


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I hear the gliptone products are the daddy, remember when working with leather to get it warm, a hair dryer can be used (with care) or turn the heated seats on.

It is a natural skin afterall, so can be cleaned and treated more effectively when warm.


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As Neil said, probably not warm enough; you need to warm the leather to the point where the pores fully open, then it becomes highly absorbant. We often leave a car idling for 10 mins with the heaters on full to get enough heat into the interior to feed the leather properly. :)