Leather Seat Re-Dye


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The leather seats in the car were starting to look a bit tired and distressed! Mainly the drivers seat but also a couple of other marks on the other seats. I decided to take to a local company to have the seats re-dyed/sprayed. I have taken some before and after pics. Pretty pleased with the results.


And After


Turbo jay

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Looks much better mate, makes a world of difference and much cheaper than a re trim. I did my friends a3 on the weekend same usual wear on bolster.


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had this done a couple of times. really good stuff but always the drivers seat tends to wear off quite quickly. guess down to being used the most. hopefully yours last longer.

theres also airbrushing style kits available that you can DIY. one of my mates did it to an awesome result. hes a patient guy though