Leather repair on s3 seats


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Has any one had any repair work done on there s3 leathers as my buckets could do with a small repair on them due to the mrs fat *** and the studs on her jeans .

Oh and so glad she don't read my posts .


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I've made a practice out of avoiding this, by ONLY giving rides to girls after I've thoroughly run my hands over their backsides, checking for smoothness, absence of excess 'bonyness' (which leaves an imprint on the leather) and general health and condition of the entire backside area.

These inspections are of course necessarily thorough, and can take quite some time.

They should NEVER be rushed.

Of course there also has to be a full going over of the chest area, because the passenger-seat belts can chafe if you're not careful, too.

Only girls which have passed this detailed inspection are permitted into the 'chariot of kindness'.

...I'm all heart, really!



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youd probably be cheaper buying the seat cover from audi then fitting it tbh


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I dont think they do seat covers for the buckets mate .


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not sure about the s3 seats but there are plenty of peeps out there who can do amazing jobs on repairing it. Dont discount your everyday upholsterers, leather is not car specific so anyone who knows how to work it can do it.


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8P0 881401 XGQ - pair of bottom seat covers in soul black nappa leather about 260 quid

edit- every upholsterer in my area is gash so i wouldnt use them, though you are correct

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Aw! the poor girl, just take the studs off her jeans or make her wear skirts!!!!!