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Leather Help

Bells Oct 29, 2020

  1. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    So I came to clean my cars interior the other day for the first time since buying the car and I started by wiping the leather down with a damp microfibre cloth. Once I’d done so I started to notice some spray marks all over the leather (see photos). I have no idea what these marks are but they are all across the drivers seat, I’ve attached photos of the worst of them.

    Didn’t notice this when buying the car a few weeks ago but the only thing I can think is that when the car went into Audi for some warranty work last week they cleansed the car afterwards, could this be anti bac spray that has reacted badly with the leather?

    Any ideas on how to sort this? I’ve tried some Dodo Leather Cleaner I had in the garage but in all honestly it’s just cleaned it and made the marks more pronounced.

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  3. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Registered User

    Looks like the wrong cleaning product that was used

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  4. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    Yup would agree, wrong cleaning product used. Definitely some spray that's been left on and not properly used.

    I'd be speaking to the dealer.

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  5. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Agreed on wrong cleaning product used. Made worse that whatever they sprayed in it wasn’t wiped straight away. I would always spray on a cloth, never directly onto leather. Look at the run marks and I’m sure you would agree.
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  6. Bells

    Bells Registered User

    Thanks all, it’s definitely something directly sprayed onto the leather I agree. I’ve been to a local leather repair specialist and they think it’s salvageable by giving it a thorough cleaning. Failing that they will have to look at recolouring the leather to sort it but that’s a last resort. As it happens I’ve got it booked in there anyway next week to sort some scuffing on my bolster so they are tackling it then.

    I’ll be having a chat with the Audi dealer to see whether they do disinfect the seats after it’s been in as I don’t want to pay to have this rectified and then it happen again! Be interested to see what they say as my car is going back in to finish the warranty work soon, I doubt they’ll admit fault but I can’t think of anything else that would have caused it.
  7. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User

    Its hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like the surrounding parts are too shiny and that part is the matt finish it should be ? Have you tried a dedicated leather cleaner on it to see if it changes to the same matt finish?

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