Leather dye kits and paint type?!


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Afternoon ladies and gents.

In need of some help and advice please.

I have a 2000 plate 8l audi s3 in black, it also has cream (silver) leather seats.

Now the drivers seat has started to wear on the drivers boulster, ive seen kits that strip the leathers protective layer off, them redye the leather and seal it. Can anyone recommened me a company to use? Also whats best to breath new life into the ret of the leather?

Secondly is my paint type soft, medium or hard?



Audi-sports own special child.
Not seen that one mate, ones ive seen seem to strip the top layer off to the original colour base then build it back etc. ill look into it though thanks.


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Gliptone do really good scuff repair kits for around £15

As to your paint type, German cars tend to be hard as a rule of thumb but it's not an exact science. It depends on a massive number of factors like paint batch, type of life paintwork has had, even if the car has been kept inside or outside for its lifespan

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To get a maching repair to the rest of your leather, yes you will need to strip the old finish away, also if you try to apply colour over existing finish the colour wont adhere to the leather properly.
Also are leather is a pigment leather so you will need to apply a leather colourant rather than a dye. For a factory like result you will need a spray gun or at least a airbrush to get a professional finish. You would be better getting a leather technician to carry out the bolster repair as a repair on a bolster wouldn't cost much and you would be left with an invisible quality long lasting repair.