leaky turbo & oil pressure warning light


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Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone can help me out with some advice.. My 1998 AGU 1.8T (95,000 miles) throws up the red oil can warning light every now and again when driving (oil pressure warning). It goes off after a while, and has stayed off for 2 weeks before coming back on again. I don't drive it very often however.

I did an oil change last week and while i was under the car i noticed that the turbo looks like it's leaking oil onto the driveshaft, which in turn has splattered the oil around a bit! To me it looks like the leak is where the red arrow points to, at the bottom of the TIP where it joins to the turbo. The car drives normally, turbo works as it always has for the past 2 years, and no engine faults at all.

Any advice? The car is on axle stands at the minute, i've got a new oil pickup pipe to swap as i thought it may be getting blocked. Oh and the oil pressure switch was changed a month ago which seemed to keep the warning light away for a couple of weeks! Don't want to risk driving any more just in case something breaks!