Le mans 2009 - newbies advice required


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Righto chaps,

for countless years I have said I'm going to go to le mans well 2009 is the year. I'm looking into what tickets are available but I'd like some advice/guidance fromt hose have have been before.

Where's the best place to stay? Obviously gonna camp but where? I've looked on Languistines web site and they have their own campsite inside the circuit, is it worth shelling out the money to stay there?

Race tickets, is it worthwhile getting practice tickets or just get tickets for the actualy race? Shall I cough up for grand stand tickets or are the general ones adequate?

Anything else I need to consider?



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Can't really help you out at the moment mate, but I'll let you know any tips I find out along the way - I'm sorting out our plans to go next year too at the moment!




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Languistines campsite was pants this year. We went with Speedchills and it was awesome, couldn't fault them.

The campsite was well organised with friendly staff and great showers/toilets which were constantly cleaned and certainly the best i've ever seen at any event like that. They served good reasonably priced food and had live entertainment in the beer tent every night if you didn't fancy venturing out.

It wasn't cheap but was a great experience, i'd definitely use them again.