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Lcr brembo brake pads

ADs3 Aug 10, 2018

  1. ADs3

    ADs3 Active Member Silver Supporter

    What's a good brake pad for brembos?
    someone has said if it's a road car then standard pads but there's a few standard pads out there from varies companies & some have got to be better than others..........

    I thought ferodo ds2500 was a good choice for fast road use but i want to hear what others are using with there brembos before making a purchase
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  3. S3AMJ

    S3AMJ OEM+ Team Brilliant Black Audi S3

    Ferodo DS2500 are what I’ve got to put on the car when I get a moment. They are the go to pads for the LCR Brembo’s.

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  4. Rainbird

    Rainbird Well-Known Member

    Very dusty and not great from cold though. IIRC there was a bit of a shift towards the DS3000, but the general "recommended" pad was a Mintex 11.11/similar. @Prawn knows his stuff with pads though, so should be able to share more light.

    For use on the public road I've always found the stock Brembo pads to be reasonable, but then I don't push my luck on the roads like some people seem to so a different setup will suit someone who drives, er, differently.
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  5. ADs3

    ADs3 Active Member Silver Supporter

    Euro Carparts have 50% off atm, out of the brands they list they have brembo & pagid so might be worth a shout given the saving
  6. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    I've gone from DS2500 on the S3 to the stock Brembo pads (and discs) from ECP bought - funnily - with a 50% off deal. Can't fault them for the price but that said my days of ragging my S3 around are long gone.
    My trackday Cordoba, however, has gone from DS2500 to DS3000 and all I can say is - wow!
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  7. ADs3

    ADs3 Active Member Silver Supporter

    Went for brembo pads from euros with there 50% discount. I'd imagine there going to be enough for what I use the car for but if there not I'll look to go with the ds2500
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