lateral accelerator sensor...


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Had some intermittent troubles with the AIR BAG, ABS and ESP lights coming on in my display wholst driving. so took it into the audi shop and got informed it was the lateral accelerator sensor and they would have to get in a new one to replace it under warranty. so the new one came in and the car went back and it got replaced. 3 days later I have the air bag and esp lights coming on again.

anyone had similar experiences? or even heard of a lateral accelerator sensor before. I know i havent. anyway somthing is causing it to blow up if there is such a thing just got ****** all idea what it is. wanted to run it past you lot before i took it back to the shop.



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Mimpi, noticed your in Australia

Where abouts? I'm in Sydney!

Audi Center Sydney generally work on my car, and I've never had any issues with them. I'm sure a knowledgeable Audi nut will give you a answer shortly..

drop me a line,


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yeah, I had one replaced.. it effectively measures rate of change of direction in the lateral direction,,, think of it as a little gyroscope.
its one of the ones which allows the car to work out if it is understeering/oversteering etc...


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Yeah basically works out g-forces and inwhich direction, hence if you were going sideways it could tell the ESP which will straighten you up..

Used for airbags to measure deceleration I think.

Skylines have one with a display on the dash so you can see how hard you are accelerating /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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just got back from the workshop. the technicion guy said it needed some more adjustment and readjusted the sensor. All appears to be working now. he did seem somewhat puzzled though when i said the airbag light had also come on. so i guess wait and see approach is what I am facing now. gave the esp a good work out on the way back to the office and its doing its job /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif