Fixed Last post doesn't work in the 8V a3/s3 forum


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Just says "later_today_at_X instead of the date and time

Screenshot 2022 09 16 at 18 41 32 A3 S3 8V Chassis

Alistair D

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The number of "alerts" appear for a sec then disappears. They're still there when you open up the file though.

Charlie Farley

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Just says "later_today_at_X instead of the date and time

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Yep, noticed that aswell, been like it for a few days on all my devices.
Also this menu is not working , well its out of sync as i need to move the mouse lower down to click , not onthe link itself.


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Literally just happened after I made a thread. It actually displayed "a moment ago" before dynamically changing it to the "later_today_at_x" message.
Screenshot 2022 09 20 12 29 03

Rob Avant

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I keep getting this after posting… I’ve just been refreshing the page afterwards and it clears, doesn’t seem to be any issues with the posts though.

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Still does it. Post a thread, then check below the thread @Administrators
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Let me know if you want a different option in Inspect Object


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