Larger master cylinder


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I have searched online for a larger master cylinder for the 8l s3/mk4 golf but there’s not much info about it, just a lot of dead end threads, there is some talk of a transporter one but nothing solid.

Here is my experiment, it’s a 26mm master cylinder and it involves turning the servo 90 degrees anti-clockwise and then fitting the re-drilled left hand drive master cylinder,

I have 18z front callipers already and I will be fitting the 4 pot rears


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There is some work to do with brake lines and sensors that attach to the master cylinder, I bought a right and left hand drive version of the 26mm master cylinder so I could try both, I need to use the left hand drive version because the 2.5 tfsi turbo intake pipe gets in the way.


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Only thing to be wary of is ESP as there are sensors on the MC of ESP equipped cars...

This master cylinder only has a 4 pin combination sensor and the s3 uses a pair of 3 pin ones, I need to figure out if I can use the combination sensor or I may have to get creative to fit the second sensor.